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Virtue Hearing Podcast

Dec 18, 2021

Getting into the new year we have a few clients ready to get their hearing aids. With that said, here is a video we made on what to expect when getting a new device

If you're experiencing (or know anyone experiencing) hearing loss and thinking about coming into a hearing aid office it can be intimidating.

We understand this ♥️

You might not know what to expect. Here are the basic steps we go through to help you hear better and experience a much better life with those around you:

1) Consultation: We do a private consultation to check your hearing levels and exactly which ear(s) it's affecting. Now you will know exactly where you're at which will help with the second point.

2) Recommendation: Now that you know where you're hearing levels are we can point you in the right direction when it comes to hearing devices. There are so many to choose from and we know that can cause confusion. After this process, the path becomes clear and the confusion goes away.

3) The Purchase: By the time we get to this point you will know exactly where your hearing levels are and what device is going to help your unique situation.

You'll also be educated on everything that comes with that specific device such as accessories, warranty, and more!  
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