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Virtue Hearing Podcast

Sep 27, 2021

Do you know someone who can potentially benefit from Hearing Aids?


Are they currently struggling with:

Hearing you when you speak?

Understanding people in large groups?

OR (in some cases) distancing themselves from the group?


The holiday season is around the corner and it's important that all your loved ones are...

Sep 21, 2021

🚩Our New LA Location Is Here 🚩


On the corner of Washington Blvd & Maple


When you come in you’ll be able to take advantage of our:

- Free Hearing Exam

- Free Ear Cleaning

- 7 Day Free Trial on any hearing device


Please stop by and say hi or you can DM me here to schedule a FREE Consultation!


We can’t...

Sep 13, 2021

Today, we're giving you a 2021 mid-year update on what's going on with hearing aids and the mask. (1) We're seeing increased demand in custom hearing aids that only go inside the ear. That's because it can be uncomfortable and frustrating to wear hearing aids with your mask. (2) Some patients who get those...