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Virtue Hearing Podcast

Nov 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving to all our listeners!

We want to share with, while you're with your friends and family, a few signs of hearing loss in case you see them. 

1) Do they constantly ask you to repeat yourself?

Many times when people are first experiencing hearing loss they can hear but are starting to not understand!

2) Do they turn up the television or music?

3) Do they talk loud when they are close to you?

They might not be able to hear themselves so they talk louder thinking that you might have the same hearing levels as they do. 

4) Are they not talking with the family?

Usually, if they cannot hear well they start distancing themselves because they are ashamed of their hearing loss.

5) They are getting frustrated!

Usually when people are talking and they cannot understand anyone then that start getting frustrated and might showing signs of #4.

So if you see any of these 5 signs and live in the Los Angeles area remember we have a free hearing exam.

(323) 530-0223