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Virtue Hearing Podcast

Dec 14, 2020

Benefit 1: One-Year Warranty
You get a one-year warranty with the refurbished set of hearing aids you buy here at Virtue Hearing Aid Center. This is could be a better option from getting them from websites like Offerup and Facebook Market. If the hearing aids get damaged in any way you are still covered!
Benefit 2: Lifetime service
You can come in any time to clean your hearing aids, need help on how to wear them, etc.
Benefits 3: Peace of mind
When you buy hearing aids from a local provider you will always have someone and somewhere to go to if you need any help.
Virtue Hearing Aid Center has new and used hearing aids at an affordable cost as well as financing options!
In this video Chris will also go through the current inventory at the time of this recording for used hearing aids:
- Signia Motion Super Power (BTE)
- Phonak Audeo
- Starkey 3 series
- Oticon Siya 2
- Z series from Starkey
- Resound Rics
To try any of these hearing aids please go to: And book your free appointment.