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Virtue Hearing Podcast

Mar 4, 2020

In this episode Christopher Medina goes through the steps on what the process is in terms of getting your hearing aid fitted once you come into a hearing aid dispenser such as Virtue Hearing. 


What will you expect when you get your hearing aids fitted?

Christopher will walk you through the fitting by fitting himself with a receiver in the ear canal using the Widex Evoke hearing aid device.


Step 1: Conduct a hearing test.

Step 2: Those results will go into our software and into the hearing aid to adjust those levels into your custom hearing aid.

Step 3: We add the hearing aid onto the patient.

Step 4: We connect the hearing aid to the computer and adjust the settings based on the patients hearing levels and comfortability. This is called a "First Fit".

The software will then ask a series of questions based on your lifestyle and experience with hearing aids.

Step 5: Run the feedback manager. This is meant to reduce any feedback you are experiencing.

Step 6: We keep adjusting until the patient lets us know it is now comfortable for them.

Step 7: We schedule a follow up appointment to double check all is going well with your hearing aid.


If you are interested in doing a fitting and trying a new hearing aid for 14 days reach out to our office: 

(323) 530-0223