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Virtue Hearing Podcast

Dec 25, 2019

In this episode, Christopher Medina goes over the different reasons why you or your loved one doesn't want to wear their hearing aids. 


  1. Discomfort: Some people aren't used to having something in their ear. Depending on the style of your hearing aid will determine your comfortability level. Chris will go over the different styles
  2. Need an adjustment: Most of the time when you first wear your hearing aid you'll need them to be adjusted which is why having a follow-up appointment is important. 
  3. Tech level: Your lifestyle will determine the type of hearing aid you will need. Christopher gives you a great example of this!
  4. Dexterity issues
  5. Dimensia: Sometimes your loved on simply forgets to put on their hearing aid or even put it on the wrong side
  6. Embarrassed: Some people are embarrassed to wear hearing aids but now with the new devices you can barely see them on. They are small and discreet. You can try them out if you are in the LA area here at Virtue Hearing.


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