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Virtue Hearing Podcast

Dec 8, 2020

Sandie De La Cruz will help us explain Resounds “Power Line”.
Technology Level: 160 dynamic range.
This is very clear distortion-free sound quality.
9.5 KH which creates a crisp sound when streaming music.
The hardware in terms of the plastic hook on the device actually helps with less vibration in your hearing experience. This hearing aid is perfect for musicians and those in loud areas.
Tech specs:
  • Volume control
  • Activate streaming
  • Bluetooth connectivity with IPhone and Android
  • Battery operated - 675 battery
  • 14 day Average battery life
The new chip inserted in the Enzo allows did linger battery life.
There are also many new colors available including camouflage colors.
Resound also has a Multi Remote Mic. You’ll be able to put that mic somewhere and the hearing aid device will steam both your surroundings and the Mic. There is also a TCoil option.
Chris also mentions the Resound phone clip that will be able to connect via Bluetooth to older devices with up to 2 devices at a time.
Watch to hear more.
You can also try this device 14 days free is you are in Los Angeles just go to: