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Virtue Hearing Podcast

Dec 29, 2021

Before we enter the new year it's always best to see where we came from and 2021 had many surprises for us. Here at Virtue Hearing we had many products come on the market and we'd like to share these with you one last time before the new year!
Here are 2021's top 5 hearing aids with the most cutting-edge technology.

Starkey- Livio Edge AI. Variety of styles, with artificial intelligence that adapts to your unique listening environments. Performs well in noisy environments. Bluetooth connectivity.

Oticon- Oticon More. Receiver-in canal style. Utilizes a deep neural network to learn from your hearing. Rechargeable battery and bluetooth connectivity to Apple and Android.

Resound- Resound One. Receiver-in canal style. 3rd microphone for optimum hearing. Long 25 hour battery life. Ultra focus speech comprehension technology. Bluetooth connectivity to Apple and Android.

Widex- Moment. Receiver-in-canal style. Pure sound with great hearing quality and natural feel. Processes sound 10x faster than other premium hearing aids. SoundSense Learn to let users do real-time sound adjustments in their environments. Direct streaming to Apple services.

Unitron- Discover Next. Receiver-in-canal style. Performs well with soft-spoken conversations. Multiple device pairing. Bluetooth connectivity to Apple and Android.. Rechargeable battery.
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